Friday, 14 September 2007

Costello vs Rudd

That's what it is now really.

Peter Costello may give a better account of himself under the spotlight than he has as the man in the photos as a smirking sidekick. His debating skills and his command of detail and policy are impressive.


Michael K said...

No, Costello V Rudd is what it should have been. 12 months ago the Libs decided not to give Costello a chance to distance himself from Howard and present himself as someone other than the taxman with the creepy smirk. I think he could have done that - where he has spoken outside his policy area he has been interesting. But now he gets a hospital pass whereby he's part of Team Howard which will probably lose. Will Costello then be leader?

One Salient Oversight said...

The Tampa was when I realised that the Coalition did not have the moral fibre necessary for me to support them politically. Nevertheless I believe that Costello's economic policies over the years have benefited Australians greatly (with the exception of workchoices, but that was a party policy not his).

I may not like the party he is in, but I respect Costello's skill and knowledge. Rudd should do the unthinkable and keep him as treasurer.