Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mike K comments on Bible distribution

Worthy of being pulled out of the comments page and onto the main page. Michael Kellahan says of the Bible distribution idea:

I think a couple of the strengths of the proposal are that:

1. it is more than just Bible distribution - as fantastic as that would be - it aims to make a connection between Christians and not yet Christians

2. This means each church (even leafy ones) will need to think about how to connect with their community. One of the great suggestions coming out of Synod has beeen the 'Adopt a block' scheme in Wollongong where church army plant is visiting the same blocks week after week after week. From this they've gained trust, provided genuine Christian charity through Anglicare, and had many come to a new church who'd never been to one before. Obviously you need to work out what will work at your church and it is contemplated some larger wealthier churches can help smaller struggling ones but it is encouraging all to be on mission.

When 60% of the city don't know a Christian who goes to church then we need to connect.

However I will say that 'adopt a block' reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer adopts half a mile of motorway and decides to repaint the lines to give cars on 'his' section of road wider lanes. 3 lanes into 2 with no warning.

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