Monday, 10 September 2007

The Rich Fool

Last night Max Walker invited me to Greenwich Presbyterian, along with Richard Beeston's band, to talk about 'a smart investment plan that doesn't involve money'—a short talk based on this passage, the story of the rich fool.

This man in Jesus' story, the Kerry Packer of his day, tears down his barns to build bigger ones so he can fit all his grain in. But he knows nothing of God and appears to have no-one but himself to talk to.

Friends from years ago were there, Steve and Veronica Pym, now working with this church. They are fluent Spanish speakers, having spent years as missionaries in South America.

And one lady, who just wandered in because of the letterbox advertising, was a fluent Spanish speaker who had decided on the basis of the talk to go home and read Luke's gospel.

Another small but wonderful example of God's providence in action. Veronica and this woman had a long and fruitful conversation after the meeting. The God of infinite wisdom brought them together for a short while.

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Di said...

How gracious is our God!

And go the Pyms!!! We miss having them in the Illawarra!!!!