Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Victorian abortion law

The Catholic hospitals in Victoria are threatening to disobey the proposed abortion law.

Report in the Age.


Ben Palmer said...

The proposed law down here would require doctors who object to abortion to refer patients seeking it to medical colleagues who do not object to it. Melbourne Catholic writer Ray Cassin had a good opinion piece on this issue in the Age on September 12 -

It ended very strongly, thus;

"The provisions in the bill limiting the prerogatives of conscience indicate a disturbing mindset, one that finds it offensive that there are contrary views to that which under law will prevail, and which, in practice if not in avowed intent, seeks to suppress them.

What an insidious irony it is that this coercion of conscience is being carried out in the name of choice.

The Pook said...

I think they are right that this law has reached the point where civil disobedience is justified.