Wednesday, 10 September 2008

SA Writers in the papers

I moderate a forum over on Sydney called "SA writers in the papers", which involves noting letters mainly from Sydney Anglicans that make it into various newspapers; often (but not always) the Fairfax press, and often (but not always) supporting a biblical viewpoint.

We hit a small milestone today, and I noted it here;

[UPDATE: slightly weird things happen with that link. You will have to scroll down, it is post #1593; the post number is in the top RH corner of each post]

also see the next post by John Sandeman. Soph the declutterer will be happy about this one ;-)


adam said...


You know, if you linked to post #1595 and readers followed the links round and round, heads would blow up.

Lara said...

I'm glad you liked my letter! Very cool to be mentioned on the SA forum. Sandy was right - Larissa Johnson-Aldridge is married to a Wollongong Anglican who now attends an Anglican church in Sydney. I'm not too keen on the Sydney Baptist tag though - I've never been particularly focused on the denomination!

John Smuts said...

Greg Thiele (#1586) is one of our guys... doesn't really count as a SA though :-)

Anonymous said...

I, a Sydney Anglican, have had over 200 letters published in the Herald, but, alas, only a minority are on spiritual matters.

Anonymous (once described elsewhere as "Gordon's idiotic sidekick")