Friday, 19 September 2008


Ruby asked me what a 'tomb' was the other day. We'd been reading about how Jesus was buried in a tomb after he had been crucified.

What is a tomb?

A tomb is a room where they put dead people. Then you close the door, and they never come out.

A tomb is a room without a view.

You would not have put Jesus in a tomb if you were not very sure that he was dead.

That's pretty much what I said.

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The Idle Introvert said...

Good point about the tomb being a place for "dead dead" people. Not people who may be dead. People who have undergone the test of mortality, with blood and water proving it.

I've just tagged you in a meme. Just ignore if it isn't your thing.

From the I.I. (an occasional reader of your blog, not known to you personally but by mutual friends).