Saturday, 27 September 2008


Hey daddy, isn't it funny that 'grabity' has the word 'grab' in it?

Yes, darling, it is funny, in many, many ways.

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The Pook said...

That is hilarious indeed. One of the advantages of blogging is that you are recording these precious moments that otherwise you'd probably just forget. Thanks for sharing them with us too!

Interesting etymologies of the two words. One is Dutch or Middle Low German and the other Latin.

gravity 1509, "weight, dignity, seriousness," from L. gravitatem (nom. gravitas) "weight, heaviness, pressure," from gravis "heavy" (see grave (adj.)). The scientific sense of "force that gives weight to objects" first recorded 1641. Gravitate is first recorded 1692.

grab 1589, from M.Du. or M.L.G. grabben "to grab," from P.Gmc. *grab (cf. O.H.G. garba "sheaf," lit. "that which is gathered up together"), from PIE *gherebh- "to seize" (cf. Skt. grbhnati "seizes," O.Pers. grab- "seize" as possession or prisoner, O.C.S. grabiti "to seize, rob," Lith. grebiu "to rake"). First record of grab-bag "miscellaneous mixture" is 1855, originally a carnival game.

Sooner or later grabity gets you! In many, many ways, not all of which are funny!