Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Crabb on Turnbull

Funny as always:

Turnbull does additionally have something of a money problem. He's got too much of it; side by side yesterday, he and Julie Bishop looked like the Blake and Krystle Carrington of the Liberal Party.

It's an awkward fit for the present political culture, in which the hard-luck story is king, and any candidate unlucky enough to have enjoyed a happy and comfortable childhood in a stable family unit starts very much behind the eight ball.

Fortunately for Turnbull, he was abandoned at the age of nine by his mother, who probably had no idea all those decades ago just what a handy future political service she was rendering her son.

From the SMH.


Lucy C said...

LOL at Blake and Krystal.

The Pook said...

Should I know who Blake and Krystle Carrington are?

With the election of Turnbull as leader the Liberal party's chances of winning the next election have probably doubled - to perhaps 20%.