Friday, 15 May 2009

What tabernacles ought to look like

Jean's got this absolutely fantastic series going on how to teach your kids about Old Testament law and sacrifices, short of actually going outside and demonstrating throat-slitting techniques on Fido.

Check this latest one on what tabernacles actually look like.

For some reason (and it reflects on my mind, not on Jean's excellent work) when confronted with DIY stuff like this ("You Too can Build your Own Tabernacle') I get reminded of Monty Python's How to Take Your Appendix Out on the Piccadilly Line.

But if you really want to see a knock-your-socks off model of the Temple of Herod, check this (with thanks to that indefatigable researcher Enkers. Enkers observes that "It includes 32 versions of Jesus (perhaps in an attempt to keep everyone happy?)"

UPDATE: And here's an audio file from Phillip Jensen on the real temple of God.

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