Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bit of a scramble for the volcano

A busy morning. Fifi has gone to church to teach some Japanese women to bake (a lot of Japanese people don't have ovens). I helped teach Scripture to some of my girls at school.

Meanwhile, Matilda decided she wanted to train for the zone cross country, so we went off for a run. Oh, that was before breakfast, but that helps explain why it feels like I've been running all morning.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Ruby was putting the finishing touches on the volcano.

OK, let's be accurate here. She had the idea for the volcano for news, which originally (last Saturday IIRC) involved a cardboard box cut and taped to shape, "2 pakets of tomato saus" (what she wrote on the shopping list), and hands coming in through holes cut in the cardboard box, squeezing the '2 pakets' and vawooshka, Bob's your uncle and there's your volcano.

All credit to her, it would have been a corker of an eruption. "Magma to the left of me! Magma to the right of me!"

However we did workshop the concept just a little bit. I cut the box to shape. Fifi helped her paint and decorate so it looked fairly volcanic, or at least, would look volcanic when I taped it up.

(Child to mother, who is asking child to tidy up bits of paper and cardboard: "But you were the one who made the mess!" And again, to give credit where it is due, this statement was technically accurate)

The active ingredients of the eruption miraculously transmogrified, under our guiding hands, into the good ol' baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, in a plastic party cup, taped to the inside of the mouth of the volcano), plus probably three-quarters of a cup of vinegar, to be poured into the cup during the news presentation in 2F. I was putting the finishing touches to it inbetween teaching Scripture and taking Ruby back to her class with the other kids.

Come to think of it, the volcano may even be happening as I type this. Good luck, Mrs F (her teacher).

Why aren't I there watching? Well I do have work to do today, you know!

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Di said...

Tomato sauce would have been more educational!! It's all about viscosity.