Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Psalm that hurts

I blogged about it here on the Sola Panel.

There are all sorts of reasons and ways to avoid the truth that God judges us, but reading the Psalms will cure us of those things.

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Izaac said...

Hey Gordo,
This is not about your Sola Panel post, but about your latest Briefing article on reflections from Corinth. It seems you are not alone in this reflection of the necessity of preaching the gospel as our primary means of dealing with sexual sin. Carson, Piper and Keller have been discussing the very same issue.
If we preach legalism - we see the abhorrence of the sin, but not grace.
If we preach cheap grace - we see God's love for us, but not the abhorrence of sin
Therefore we must preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus, where in his death and resurrection we see both the shame and horror of our sin, and the infinite grace of God to save sinners.

Anyone would think you were all basing your thoughts on the same source?