Friday, 22 May 2009

Christian agnostic

Lynette Spicer from our church got a letter in today's SMH:

To believe or not to believe

I'm not sure how anyone can claim to be a "Christian agnostic" ("Believe it or not, the bishop's an agnostic", May 20). It makes as much sense as calling a colour "ashen red" or a size "gigantically small". The words are incongruous. An agnostic believes God is unknowable, whereas a Christian believes God has made himself known in the person of Jesus. Bishop Holloway has a choice to make.

Lynette Spicer, Telopea



RodeoClown said...

It was a great letter wasn't it.
I posted a copy of it over at my blog before seeing you had done the same.

I've never met Lynette, but please pass on my thanks for putting such a concise refutation together.

dvm said...

I agree. Great letter.

rd said...

whoo-hoo Lynette