Sunday, 3 May 2009

Biofrag of Don Carson

From Justin Taylor. Here.

Dr. Carson’s sheer productivity is nothing less than astonishing. One could become tired just working through the latest numbers: he has written 50 books; 235 articles; 112 book reviews; and 46 edited books in the various series he edits. Average it out and it comes to about one book written or edited every four months, with one article and two reviews written every six weeks—for three decades.

That's a lot. Thank God for this man.


David McKay said...

Psst.Want to know his secret, Gordon?

I listened to some questions and answers after he recently spoke for CBMW and he made a couple of comments on his productivity, when asked.

1. Some people don't need as much sleep as others.

2. When you have a few minutes, do something. Don't muse "Only have fifteen minutes. No time to get anything much done."

[This is not ipsissima verba.]

Gordon Cheng said...

David, I thank God for this man.

I also thank God that I am not like him.