Friday, 28 August 2009


Frankly I couldn't care less about the fuss over whether social networking sites are taking up too much of people's lives.

But I am deeply stung—stung I tell you!—by this recent comment from one of my fb friends:

Gordon I've just been recommending people sign you as a friend for rare intellectual stimulation on Facebook. Now I find this!!!

OK, so it was in response to a Mr Men quiz that I took which ended up telling the world that "You are Mr Lazy...Your favorite activity is sleeping, so u dont get much done. You should try to do more things!"

So it may be that the quiz is right, and there is not that much use in befriending me for the purposes of intellectual stimulation.

But for the rest of you readers on facebook who are not yet my friends, sign me up! I will love you as deeply and sincerely as I love the other thousand or so who have already taken this step. No reasonable request left unfriended.

PS Also, after reading this, I thought World of Warcraft sounds pretty cool!


Anonymous said...

Wild! It all sounds like a movie treatment for a filmed metaphor for the Incarnation.

Anonymous said...

(I mean the World of Warfare part.)