Thursday, 3 September 2009

John Della Bosca

In our Bible study group at Uni we prayed last week for John Della Bosca. He was the minister for health here in NSW, now he's not. I'm not sure of the relationship between our prayers and his disappearance.

But here's Claire Smith's Christian perspective on what has happened:

Regrettably, Clif Evers is probably right that marital unfaithfulness is rampant, but that is where the logic in his argument ends (''Plenty of jobs going if all the unfaithful were to quit'', September 2). He does not want us to take the moral high ground in the Della Bosca affair because Della Bosca is not alone and because we should seek moral role models from those closer to home. But Dr Evers thinks we should be outraged if politicians start lying about something.

How is it possible to have an affair and not tell lies? And if a person will lie to their family, how can we be sure he will not lie to voters he has never met?

Unlike Dr Evers I believe politicians are and should be role models, but even on his reckoning there is much more morality at stake in this incident than simply being role models.

Claire Smith, Roseville

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