Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Scripture in schools

My letter in today's SMH:

A number of letter writers seem to think scripture in schools is all about ethics. I have been helping teach school scripture for five years, and I can confidently say there is almost no ethical instruction involved. What we teach is that when we fail ethically - as we all do - forgiveness and change are possible through the power of the risen Lord Jesus. That is a far more potent message than any ethical instruction can give.

But if the community decides ethical instruction in schools is necessary, there is a problem. If that instruction is given at the same time as scripture, children in scripture classes will miss out on something people seem to think is important. That is hardly fair, as even someone with my limited command of ethics can see.

Reverend Gordon Cheng


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thatgreatcity said...

Thanks Gordon
one of your best

Steve Howes said...

Re: Ethics and 'Scripture'

As a Christian I say "Amen" to your theology however I am concerned that your letter does not address the current issues in ways that provide practical help for Christians like myself who are active in teaching SRE (NOT 'Scripture') Why not BOTH Ethics for all as well as SRE?
What are the practical solutions for schools when faced with 40% of pupils whose parents don't want their children to do SRE?
What solid FACTS can be passed on as ammunition to those Christian parents who are active in the P and C of their children? The P and Cs are the important arena where SRE needs support.
Do people understand that the basis of SRE in NSW is NOT some supposed right of entry for the clergy but rather the wishes of the parents expressed when they enrol their child.

Steve Howes