Monday, 10 August 2009


The headline in the SMH screams Christian leaders plan anti-Islam conference".

I'm immediately worried. Has a Christian cleric declared a fatwa? Let's see.

From the article:

Mr Nile invited the leader of the Catch the Fire ministries, Pastor Danny Nalliah, to address the National Conference for all Concerned Christians on November 21 on the theme "Australia's Future and Global Jihad", an event Mr Nile said was about "strengthening Australia's Christian heritage".

Class assignment: rewrite this article on the basis of the information you have here, and give it your own headline.


"Christian leaders plan conference".


geoffc said...

AN EVANGELICAL church leader who blamed bushfires in February on Victoria's abortion laws...


Anonymous said...

He should know better. Thanks for this Gordon, I missed it yesterday. Fired an email of to the SMH.