Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Graham Cole on atonement

Graham Cole lectured me in theology at Moore College, years ago.

He's written a book on Atonement, and you can find an interview with Graham on Justin Taylor's Theologica blogspot here.

If it's anything like Graham's book on the Holy Spirit, He Who gives Life (read it recently in prep for our Mid Year Conference), it will be well worth a read.

Says Graham:

Penal substitution provides a good example. It seems to me that following the biblical plotline, the first note struck is the Christus Victor one (i.e., the defeat of evil) in the protevangelium (first gospel) set out in Genesis 3:15. But how is the evil one defeated? The grounds of accusation need to be removed that stand against us, and the fear of death that is the devil’s tool needs to be addressed as well. The cross of Christ disarms the evil one by removing the grounds of accusation against us (Col 2). Christ died in our place (1 Peter 2)), experienced the righteous divine wrath that we deserve (Rom 5) and so, if we are in Christ, there is no condemnation (Rom 8). Because we stand clothed in Christ’s righteousness we will not face the divine judgment of the great white throne for our sins (Rev 20). Our names are in the Lamb’s book of life. The fear of death, which lies in judgment, is thereby addressed (Heb 2). Evangelicals in my view need to do more justice to the Christus Victor theme and in so doing find that penal substitution is integral or central to it.


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