Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Thoughts scribbled on a piece of paper in a doctor's waiting room. A couple of weeks ago.

Some random musings. If you spend enough time in a doctor's waiting room, anything becomes blogworthy.

And if you spend long enough in the doctor's waiting room, nothing is secret. All will become known, as announced by the receptionist, who repeats addresses, phone numbers and medications in a voice for all to hear. I might as well put it on my blog.

On the radio, which is presumably playing to drown out the sound of the receptionist announcing medications and addresses: We believe all classic hits deserve to be played. Really? Including Denim and Lace by Marty Rhone, Bang Bang Boomerang by Abba, and Never been to me by Charlene?


Time in waiting rooms is dead time. I forgot to bring a book. The magazines are not worth looking at. Maybe I should do some singing practice, or some push-ups. Hmm. No, better not, that receptionist is already giving me a funny look. I wonder if you could do like they used to do in Moscow, which is to pay someone a small amount to wait in your place. There must be some truant kid from the local school who'd do it for two bucks and text me when it was time.

I've got to think!

Maybe I'll try to sing Mozart's Requiem in my head like these dudes.


Mark said...

My apologies for being overly pious at this point Gordo, but here's what my church Connect 09 prayer points for yesterday read:

'Pray for people you sit next to in silence at the doctor's surgery, dentist, pathologist, beautician, hairdresser etc. Pray for the receptionist and other staff at these places that God would save them.'

Anonymous said...

I've found a way to avoid waiting in the waiting room - its worked twice this year. Bring in a child who proceeds to vomit over large swathes of carpet, walls, chairs. As other patients run for cover you usually get bumped up the list or given somewhere quiet to wait...

Nicole said...

I had the same thought about privacy when I was in the dr's surgery this week!