Saturday, 18 October 2008

Marriage enrichment weekend

Fifi and I are going away on a marriage enrichment weekend. We're running it!

Our dear friends Keith and Sarah Condie gave us their notes from similar weekends that they've run, together with a lot of reading material.

I'm excited about this; one of the greatest traumas and sadnesses in our society is marriages that don't work. What we are trying to stress on the weekend are two things:

1. God favours marriage
2. Marriages that are also friendships work well.

I am so thankful to God for Fiona's friendship over more than 23 years, and I would like to help other people who are married work on their friendships with their spouses.


cafedave said...

From just the first sentence, I was going to say "what, is she highlighting verses in your bible because she can't find hers? Lucky you don't keep a gun in the house".

And then I realised that it's a much more serious matter than that, and that I shouldn't joke.

Hope it's a really useful weekend for all involved.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for a blessed weekend, and those two things sound good to me [as a single person, I add. :)]

May God grant you and Fiona, and the couples who are with you, many, many years!

Liz G said...

would be interested to borrow your notes once you are back from the weekend- we couldn't come as noone to mind kids plus son doing HSC

Therese said...

Thanks to you and Fiona for a GREAT weekend, Gordo! Thanks to you both for sharing your life with us and for Matilda, Ruby and Lily sharing their mum and dad with us!
We loved the talks and the 'couple time' was most beneficial.
Dan recorded the talks (I find it useful for me to go over things - not great at digesting a lot at once!).
We might flick them over to you once he's checked they all came out clear. I think they'd be beneficial to people who weren't able to make it for the weekend.