Saturday, 25 October 2008


"Everybody likes motorcycles to some degree."


Ben P said...

Gordo is quoting from the incredible, spellbinding, breathtaking documentary "No Direction Home" screened on SBS on the weekend. Watching Dylan field inane questions from journalists was hilarious, e.g.
Journo; "How many pop singers today are protest singers?"...
Bob; (leaves a pause to register his astonishment at the stupidity of this question, and then says,) "How many? I'd say... one hundred and thirty-six"
Journo: "One hundred and thirty-six, exactly?"
Bob: "It's either one hundred and thirty-six or one hundred and forty-two, I know that..."

Gordon Cheng said...

Well spotted Ben. The air of barely controlled irritation was a delight to behold.

It was a compelling documentary. I really needed to catch a few zzzeds, but found myself just watching and watching.

The response in the blog post was when some earnest intense young journo was quizzing him about the significance of the motorbike he had worn on his t-shirt. He just wouldn't give up. Which shows that you can get pearls from grit.

robd said...

Hey Gordo, If you missed any Andy has it on DVD as well as "Don't Look Back" if you want to borrow it.