Friday, 23 May 2008

For all lovers of strategy

For all you lovers of strategy out there, Rick Warren is on your side.

Check this post on the Irish Calvinist website, entitled Rick Warren: "Your Preaching & Prayer will not grow your church, but your skill."

(Warning: If you're not keen on sarcasm, you will need to take a few deep breaths before, during and after the heavily editorialized YouTube video link that's included in this piece. But the points made by the editorializer are completely valid. The Rick Warren quotes, including the one from the blog post title, are spoken by the man himself. Towards the end are some observations by John Piper from Scripture that flatly contradict what Warren is asserting)

Rick Warren is an incredibly skilled and passionate communicator, and this makes his attack on biblical preaching all the more seductive and reprehensible.

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adam said...

Pish, Gordo.

Ad hominem

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