Monday, 12 May 2008

Fired up about hell

I seem to have gotten a bit carried away with this topic. Blog readers who've joined up in the last little while could be forgiven for thinking that it's a regular subject. But it's really only featured in posts during the last two weeks or so. Who knows what the future holds? But for the moment, if you want to review some of the ground covered, you can go to the following:

1. Politeness and hell

2. Taxidrivers and hell

3. Preaching hell

4. Preaching judgement

5. Do we preach hell too much?

6. Hell: a help for depression

7. Did Jesus preach judgement to all Israel?

8. Broughton Knox on judgement and contextualization

9. Who gets comforted by judgement and wrath?


10. Preaching hell to depressed teens.

11. Preaching hell for the comfort of angry people.

That's not a complete list, but it is enough to be getting on with for the moment.

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