Saturday, 26 January 2008

We'll see friends from church

this evening, Australia Day 2008, which people here seem to take far more seriously than they did even 20 years ago.

Not me, but I'm glad for the long weekend, and even gladder for the persistence of our friends in trying to have us 'round. Very, very kind.


Jonathan said...

20 years? I'd say even 5 years ago, which was the last time I was here for it.

Pete said...

Wasn't it a really big deal 20 years ago?

I guess that is the point.

Though I did see lots of Australian flags on cars today.

Celebrate Australia Gordon. A little outpost of the British Empire that has been the source of many elect for God's kingdom.

Jonathan said...

Oh yeah... I'll go back to sleep now.

Although, as much as I can remember, the way it was a big deal 20 years ago was quite different to the way it is now, wasn't it?

Gordon Cheng said...

I probably should have said 21 years ago. Forgot about that Bicentennial!

Actually I date our current upswing in patriotism to the day Alan Bond, corporate criminal, won the America's Cup in 1983.

OK, so to be precise, Australia Day is a lot bigger now than it was 26 years ago! There, I think that's right now.