Tuesday, 29 January 2008


IKEA fascinates me. The guy who runs the show is the richest man in the world, a thrifty Swedish farmer by the name of Ingvar Kamprad (so IK.. you see?).

The material IKEA uses for furniture is cheap and nasty, but the stuff they put out has enough good design about it, or is well-priced enough that you just say 'what the hey'. The sub-$4 clock—who cares that I had to buy 3 before I got one that worked? And it is simple and elegant enough in design to overlook some of the stuff that snobby people get worked up about.

The IKEA at Homebush—possibly the best sited business in Sydney—is a veritable cathedral of cheap furniture, with child minding facilities and an attached shopping centre.

We have a cheap IKEA coffee table we got for ten bucks in the seconds section, quite a while ago now. The leg broke so we are looking for a new one, but I taped it up with masking tape and I reckon it has a few months in it yet. It is the best value item of furniture in the house.

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