Sunday, 20 January 2008

Half here

I'm half back, from holidays that is.

Tomorrow it is possible that I will be fully back, but at the zoo with my sister visiting from Sweden, or somewhere else.

But morality in cricket. Who gives a (full) toss? We just want to see the Injuns gettin' whipped, and let the Bombay Cricket Council or whatever they call themselves deal with the ontological rights and wrongs of what's happened on the field.

If Matty Hayden, school bully that he is, had been playing, Anil Kumble and his troops would have been laughing out of the other side of their faces fo sho.

1 comment:

David McKay said...

... the zoo.

Now, if you mean the one across the water from Manly, what do you call it?

My daughter and her husband took her kids to the zoo and when I called it Taronga Park, I drew a blank. Has it lost the "park"?