Tuesday, 22 December 2009

My goodness I'm tired

Actually that's not true, or I wouldn't be typing this. I'm trying to crawl back into the land of the living from the pit of chaos, and I began by cleaning the kitchen. The symptom that life is either completely out of control, or beginning to return to stability (and you have to choose between the either and the or) is that the kitchen is clean.

So now I'm trying to follow some good advice, picked up on the internet somewhere, and spend an hour on something important before I get on to anything else, even though it is nearly midday, so I must have been doing something before I got onto what I'm doing right now, and so must have disregarded the advice.

So the way I'm going to choose to spend the next hour is reading the gospel of Luke.

Join me if you want, click on the link and don't de-click until you're done.

UPDATE: You need to know that I typed this, then pfaffed in the kitchen for a bit, and then remembered some milk I left fermenting in the midday sun, so went out to the car, got the milk, and put it in the fridge, and now I'm back here sitting and about to open my Bible, except it occurred to me that I need to type the word 'ambulance' to myself as a reminder.

UPDATE 2: OK I've finished reading Luke's gospel, and I have to work out what to do next. I wouldn't have finished reading if it weren't for you, dear readers, because I would have convinced myself that something else was more important to do.

The main thing to say as a result of this first reading is that God is very good, he saves people, but if you don't believe this and trust him then you are certainly going to hell. So what a blessed escape Jesus provides, by his death and confirmed beyond doubt by his resurrection from the dead. Trust the resurrection!

UPDATE 3: Realized a friend could be coming around, phoned, confirmed, they'll be here soon, so got to move on to the housecleaning list.

UPDATE 4: Not really sure I needed to post all those updates, but there we are.

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