Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mary Mackillop a saint?

Bishop Glenn Davies earns his keep:

The Pope has accepted, following a rigorous scientific analysis by a Catholic committee responsible for approving miracles, that two NSW women were healed of inoperable cancer by MacKillop.

"Who can prove that the reported miracles were actually the work of Mary McKillop?" Bishop Davies said.

"Did the persons healed pray to only Mary or did they also pray to God?

"Even if they prayed to Mary MacKillop, what evidence is there that it was Mary MacKillop's intercession that healed them? Furthermore, what evidence is there in the Bible that departed saints pray for us?"

Bishop Davies argued that nobody who had had their sins forgiven by God should be scared of referring to themselves as a saint. "It is a title that God has bestowed upon us through our union with Christ, and we should therefore own it with pride," he said.

All good stuff. Let's send these spurious saints packing!


apodeictic said...

Yes let's send "spurious saints" packing but I personally don't feel qualified to say whether or noy Mary MacKillop was a spurious saint or not. Yes we can say that the Romish church's view of sainthood is spurious and that Mary MacKillop (or anyone else for that matter) is not a "saint" on the grounds put forth by that ecclesial community. But it does not thereby follow that she or anyone else declared to be a "saint" by the Church of Rome is a "spurious saint". Despite Rome's false view of sainthood (and the impossibility of someone being a "saint" on the grounds declared by Rome) she (and others) may well still be genuine saints -- i.e. saints on the Bible's view of sainthood (in other words someone forgiven and sanctified by Jesus).

Anonymous said...

During a time when aboriginal children were being removed from thier families , who were in turn being disposeesed from their lands, Mary McKillop steadfastly concentrated her efforts on the children of white folks.

Anonymous said...

Dude ,

Finally a website with a brain.

I can't understand how the catholics go on and on about mary. She's been dead for a hundred years and how do you prove she did anything like heal someone today. It's not biblical , not theological and not provable, so catholic church, stop calling it scientific!!!

And stop worshipping her!!!!