Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The walk to school

The walk to school is 2.2 kilometres.

Lily Violet complains as soon as we turn the first corner that her legs are hurting.

I take her bag.

We walk up the hill.

We go along a flat bit.

We cross the road.

I take Ruby's bag, but Matilda refuses the offer. We walk up another hill, we cross another road. The bus driver waves us through.

We start to run. We run through the park. Lily comes first. Ruby says 'It wasn't a race'. Matilda, who has refused to run, catches up.

We cross the road and walk up another hill.

Lily runs down the hill a bit. We stop and cross the road. Lily runs down the rest of the hill. The Catholic kids are walking in to assembly. Catholic mums are dressed better, at least at this school. What is the need for toenail polish? I think you are showing off to the other mothers. K—— hasn't left home, so we are on time. Matilda asks if we are on time.

Up the hill a bit more. Lily, if your legs are hurting, then why did you do all that running? I don't think your legs actually hurt. Put your bag on. Have you ever heard the story of the Lily who cried wolf?

Then a series of traffic lights, and Matilda, who has said some things, and asked to turn right, now asks if she can go, kisses her sisters and runs the rest of the way. Ruby, Lily Violet and I walk on.


Alexander said...

Yepp, kids who can still run with terribly hurting legs are an interesting medical phenomenon. Research should be done on this issue.

But I am actually writing because of your "new CV": Where did you find the variant of the myth in which Theseus attaches a leash to the minotaur?? I wasn't able to find this in the canonical traditions. There the minotaur is usually killed by Theseus (maybe your metaphor on your relationship with MM still works then, if you don't identify yourself with Theseus as in your original image, but with the minotaur ;-) ), and the thread of Ariadne was attached to Theseus (MM = Ariadne??).

Sorry, just the question of a pedantic classicist.


Emma said...


Your posts about your kids are some of your best posts. I love them.