Saturday, 28 March 2009

A scary question with the right answer

Here is a wonderful story from Trevor Cairney about a tricky ethical question he was asked at a recent conference:

"What would you do if you were a doctor and a baby was born and it didn't breathe for 20 minutes."

I gulped and said:

"Darren, that's a very hard question, even for a doctor, and I have no medical training. Without knowing how long doctors wait before declaring a child brain dead, and without knowing case history concerning revival rates after 20 minutes, I guess, I'd want the doctor to keep trying to resuscitate the child until such times as they knew it would be impossible to revive him."

Darren slapped his hands together and cried out with great enthusiasm:

"That's the right answer. And you know why I know that?"

I replied, "No Darren, why?"

"Because I was that baby."

Read the entire useful post, "Christian Perspectives on Life and Death", here.

Trevor is doing a great work with CASE.

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rd said...

glad you got full marks on that one.