Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Went into school this morning again, to help with teaching Scripture. Lily Violet is in my class. Lily Violet, who remembers everything, said on our walk to school, "Dad, how come you didn't pick me last week for being a good listener? Is Charlie a better listener than me?"

How do you pick a good listener in your Scripture class?


John Smuts said...

Ah, the parental angst.

Pick your own kids and you're guilty of nepotism; pick the others and you have to ignore the fact that your kids know all the answers.

Lucy C said...

Does anyone really rmember to look for who has been the best listener?
Or do we remember at the end of the lesson and choose the person who is listening best at that time?
I know that is what I do.
BTW, some schools won't let parents teach scripture in their child's class.
Don't really know what I think of that policy.

Jason Porter said...

Why, the one who does what you say, Gordon :)