Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Hard to get excited about that age. Thankful, of course. God has sustained me for another year, to him be all glory.

But it's not middle aged, and it doesn't even class as mid-life crisis, because that must have been passed some time ago. It's not 50, which is a time for celebrating the clicking over of digits on the odometer. I remember being in the Datsun 180B when it clicked over from 99999 to 100000 and that was a moment, quite an exciting moment, in a torrential downpour going up the hill of it might have been Yass. Or 'Jass', as my Swedish mum used to say in a moment of over-correction, because Swedes when they see a 'J' at the beginning of a word change it to 'Y'. But they are not incapable of saying 'J', so sometimes when a 'Y' is called for, they will say 'J' instead. It all averages out, but it is quite funny, jew are yust not allowed to laugh.

PS It's not my birthday, it's just a thought.

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