Friday, 19 December 2008

Our last trip to Melbourne


In the holidays I went to Melben it took ages to get to Melben we even drived a lietle bit in the ngit ferst we went to Marie and Bassams house On the way to Melben and back we sar tracks with fary lits o them. We counted 200 14 I had a lot of fun at Melben. the secend plas was a Mhotel too that was clos to a somemoren [submarine] we went on the somemoren We bided a toy to remyned us of Melben Matilda got a little ber and she named it melidy Ruby bort a thing that you dror on I got saning that gos arord in the wind I named it ranbow because it had all the callos of the ranbow.

—From guest blogger Lily Violet, who turns 6 today.

I hope you caught that bit about seeing trucks with fairy lights on them. We did in fact see 214 of them on the Hume Highway, between somewhere and Holbrook, the place with the somemoren (I assumed that was 'submarine', although I suppose it could be 'some moron').

What's that you say? You want another story? Oh alright then.


Mr Zebedee lived in a house by the zoo. that night the animals had a party. they sang what a horoble hobball. Mr Zebedee said I ckart sleep the animals are singing at the zoo. Mr Zebedee sended a fax to the zookeeper alltheo the zookeeper was asleep then the munkes' said lets dance so the animals' danced they hopt and they popt all over the zoo. Mr. Zebedee said I carnt sleep the animals' are dancing at the zoo. Mr Zebedee sended anaver fax to the zookeeper. alltheo the zookeeper was still asleep. wen the sun came up then the hipopotomese said lets sleep so the animals' sleped and the zookeeper wack up and rede the faxs' oh no ther is a holbloo at my zoo I havto go altheo wen the zookeeper got ther the animals war sleeping then the zookeeper sended a fax to Mr Zebedee alltheo Mr Zebedee was a sleep too and Mr Zebedee was ma[d]


Mr Zebedee sounds like my kind of dude. Sending faxes to right the wrongs of the world, getting mad when the solution rebounds upon him. The story is so creative that I suspect it is plagiarized from class reading time, but please don't tell Lily Violet that this thought even entered my mind, or ented my mine as Lily might say.

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David McKay said...

Please keep posting the girls' stories: they're terrific.

On our trip to Melbourne to see our new grandson Reggie, we noticed lots of signs about taking a break and not driving while fatigued. Then, a little later we saw a sign about a turn-off to a memorial for "Weary" Dunlop.

I wonder how many people think he was one of the geezers who forgot to take the recommended power nap?