Monday, 15 December 2008

Lily Violet's sixth birthday

It's Lily Violet's turn to turn a different age, in just a few days. This means birthday parties.

We went to Blenheim Park with some of the girls from Lily Violet's class. Fifi has been doing a super, great, excellent, wonderful and magnificent job of organizing the whole lot. Today she made a hedgehog cake, which Lily loved, and which due to certain design idiosyncrasies ended up looking, for mine, not unlike a half submerged sea mine of the WWII variety. It tasted a lot better but, or I imagine so anyway, never having tasted a half submerged sea mine.

That is two birthday parties down and the fridge shelves are groaning under the weight of cream, blueberries, pavlova, strawberries, yoghurt, chocolate sea mines, rockmeron, and watermeron. Anything else goes in, it will explode.

I shot a fridge into the air,
it fell to earth I know not where.

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