Monday, 29 October 2007

Went to a conference with 1500 of my closest friends

It was up at Katoomba, and I better get these thoughts down before they fade away into one of the 52 weekends of the year.

Katoomba is great isn't it? Every time I go there, at least at the moment, it looks less like a parole office and more like a place where someone funky (I'm thinking me, and I know you are as well) would hang out.

Anyway, let me just talk about the bad things, because there were so many good things that they are hard to keep track of. Amongst the really great things were the talks, and we had 6 of them and it still felt like a relaxed weekend, so I have no idea how you managed that Andrew Nixon and team, but thank you! We loved it, meaning the 30 or so of us who were staying at the Youth Hostel in Katoomba, with snorers in one room and I don't know why I was put there, and non-snorers in the other.

And Therese, thanks for just keeping on fiddling around with food, transport, sitting us in the right place, keeping chocolate—good chocolate—and chips getting passed around, making sure the stuff that people needed to think about didn't need to be thought about.

Justin, the way you helped us look at Jeremiah 2 helped me think about sin in all sorts of ways that I just wouldn't normally, and made me realize that I'm part of the problem too, which I know, but don't like being reminded about.

Isn't this a searing verse (as you pointed out)

Have you not brought this upon yourself
by forsaking the LORD your God,
when he led you in the way?

-Jeremiah 2:17

Thanks J. Though I did not appreciate it at the time.


Therese said...

The chocolate and chips got passed round because I didn't want to take them home!!!
Glad you enjoyed it!

Mattt said...

It was a great time. I've posted the video I meant to show on Sunday here.

Justin said...

Thanks Gordo. I never responded to your kind word here.