Sunday, 21 October 2007

Eye infection

Woke up this morning as sick as a dog that is sick and getting sicker, which is very.

Eye infection. This picture, unfortunately, gives you a feel for it (thanks Neil, and for changing it on your blog too)

Anyway instead of going to church I am sitting at home, often in the back garden, reading Al's book and feeling thankful.

Thankful for what?

Wives and daughters.

Oh, that reminds me Al, there are a couple of pronting errs I picked up. Just one or two. Lilliput. Pethidine. P-E-T-H-I-D-I-N-E. Pethidine. And it's 'eking' not 'eeking'. Biddulph not Bhidulpbfxq, or whatever it is you had in the endnotes. I’ll stop there for the moment. Should've gone with Matthias Media mate. ;-)

Serious hat back on for a moment. It is a really good book and I have already given one away, the first of many. When gardens, water, sunlight and all the rest have been taken away, we will still have the grace of God through the mercy of Jesus Christ, and the hope of the new creation. As you say, in different words, along with other things.


Therese said...

Hope you recover soon, Gordo! We missed you tonight!! Will be praying for you! Sounds like a good it out on sale yet??

Gordon Cheng said...

Thank you Therese, I'm sorry i couldn't be there too. I'm sure Adrian did a great job preaching.

One Salient Oversight said...

"I" hope you recover Gordo.

Jean Williams said...

Have quoted you on my facebook profile. Greatest compliment. Jean.