Friday, 19 October 2007

Book launch

Just been to a book launch of Al Stewart's book Men: Firing through all of life. I am guessing that this will be one of those that you buy in bunches, as Phillip Jensen said at the launch, and give away to many friends.

But the marketing department got hold of this one, and Al drove up in a red Cadillac.

Al, what were you thinking, my pig-hunting friend. We know you're having a mid-life crisis, you don't need to rub our faces in it. At least we know it's Cadillac tail-lights on the cover of the book, now, and not some weird new type of lippie.

But the book—this one has the look and sound of a winner, just on a brief leaf-through. It looks and sounds like you talking in front of people, Al; straightforward, clear and honest.

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