Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Clergy sexual ethics

The Anglican Church in Australia is implenting a register of clergy who have been formally accused of extra-marital sexual relationships.

This is a great move, and overdue. Sydney diocese has been leading the push. You ought to be able to expect that clergy would be held to a higher standard of accountability than the rest of the community, but until now all manner of heinous things have too often been covered up in the name of clergy privilege.


Pete said...

I didn't quite get this line:

"Including such a breach under the umbrella of sexually inappropriate behaviour would likely make it hard for a Sydney clergy member to obtain another licence as a minister."

I assume it only really applies to ministers who had committed adultery wouldn't it? Most ministers I know wouldn't have a problem obtaining a new license on those grounds.

Roger Gallagher said...

It's received a run in the ABC
and the SMH
Surprise, surprise. Muriel Porter doesn't think that Adulterers should be on the list.

Robert Zacher said...

What a ghastly, calvinistic idea idea. The Diocese of Sydney sinks to a new low by backing such an idea.

What next ... public stocks, the pillory in the town square, branding the letter 'A'? Talk about shame ... An adultery list is right out of the the 17th cen.