Saturday, 8 January 2011

When Christians meet

I've taken on the job of thinking about what we do when we meet at 9 am every Sunday morning at church.

I've got a few ideas.

Our current format is that we start with a joke or friendly observation, end with a joke or friendly observation, have a very good sermon somewhere in the middle, and after the formal bit have morning tea.

I would like to keep everything pretty much as it is, except start with a bit of Bible, end with a bit of Bible, and reflect on all the bits inbetween. I have no problem whatsoever with friendly observations or jokes, and would like to encourage them to continue, as far as it lies in my power to do so.

Dear reader, please comment, I am away for about two weeks and will follow along with interest as I am able.


Gordon Cheng said...

Some good comments so far, all of them on facebook! Tells you something. But feel free to comment here, or go over to fb and befriend me and comment there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, tells us that fb has immense power (and without responsibility).

I would say "begins with a mild pleasantry" rather than "with a joke" -- maybe you just go to a wittier place.

Joshua Bovis said...

I think starting and ending corporate worship with a joke is inappropriate and is not a good way to start.

2nd Order Evening Prayer Service starts with the Bible (pg 19 APBA), as does the Praise, Prayer and Proclamation service (pg 35 APBA).

Cranmer got it right I think.

Joshua Bovis said...

I think starting and ending corporate worship with a joke is inappropriate. I don't know why ministers, leaders feel that they must be funny. In my opinion it leads to shallowness and man centered worship.
Why I am such a fan of the Prayer Book is that there is so much Bible in it. The services start with Scripture, end with Scripture and I think it helps (well it does for me) prevent one's personality from getting in the way of God.
I want people to come away closer to Jesus, not thinking about some silly joke that I made.

Just some thoughts from across the Hawkesbury!