Thursday, 27 January 2011

Anyone want a sailboat?

UPDATE: The boat has gone to Sailability

I have a sailboat that about 10 years ago, for reasons best left in the dustbin of history, I decided to accept as a freebie from some very good friends and then never picked up or saw since.

The sailboat, like me, is older but no wiser, and is now available to anyone who would like to make a small donation to the Church Missionary Society. It's in Narrabeen (Sydney), it's about 1.4 metres wide and 3.5 metres long and could be lifted onto roofracks or into a trailer by 2 fit men. The mast is 4.7 metres long.

I am hoping to get photos of it up today or tomorrow, so watch this space. [UPDATE: Done!]

If you are interested you can contact me via facebook messages or via e-mail (ggordonc AT optusnetdotcomdotau).


Sarah said...

I would love it but, alas, storage is limited here. Plus, I don't know how to sail.

It sounds nice though...

Gordon Cheng said...

Hi Sarah, yes I can't see it fitting in to Little Queen St without significant complaint from the locals!