Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Going to the Community Centre in North Ryde.

So yesterday was fantastic, turned up, ran a group with a bunch of fun Medical Radiation dudes, then spoke at Lunchtime Bible Talks. 125 people were there; we knew because we ran out of outlines at 120, we took some away from those who had them.

So today a bit exhausted, did the usual get the girls to school in the morning, Fifi off to a Bible study, then felt like I needed to get out the door so I did.

Fronted at North Ryde Community Centre, leftovers in a plastic bag, realized the centre was locked. Went downstairs to the library, I said hello I'm a member of the community and wanted to know if I could use the community centre. Nice lady gave me a brochure and sent me away, I went away and after a little wander came back and said I'm sorry to be problematic, I really just wanted to use a microwave to warm up my leftovers, to which she said no, to which I wandered into the shopping centre, and just sat, ate my leftovers out of a plastic bag, tried not to stare at the lady in the Robyn Hunter Clothes Shop who may or may not have been staring at me, and had dyed hair, and felt generally like a homeless person until I picked up my bag, picked up my plastic bag, dropped it into the bin the plastic bag not the bag, wandered back into the library and found a seat, saw the lady who didn't know how I could use the community centre or the community centre microwave, or even if there was one, and now just sitting here typing this.

I'm tempted to say that we've lost our sense of community but it has to be said that I am here, in the North Ryde library, typing this. On my own laptop yes I know that, but I'm sure the nice lady would have let me use the library computer if I'd asked. And I saw a friend, hi Alan. So does that count as community?


Mikey Lynch said...

Great news! 125 ppl - that's excellent. How big is the Cumbo campus?

Gordon Cheng said...

Mikey to anyone outside Sydney this will sound freaky, but 4000.

Mikey Lynch said...

Freaky to have a CU meeting of 125 with a campus of only 4K!

Gordon Cheng said...

To me it is a testimony to many years of faithful Bible teaching in many churches in the Sydney area. Such a blessing!

Mikey Lynch said...

As you'd know from your VIC days, we're in a situation here in Tassie where even those from good churches can ask us 'Why would I bother getting involved with AFES?' with a straight face.

But yeah, praise God! Hope the year goes really well.