Saturday, 27 March 2010

Choir singing

This week, Wednesday and Saturday my choir is singing. Including Beethoven's 9th.

See the advert here.


John Smuts said...

Two thoughts:

1. Aren't you advertising blasphemy?

“Everything will pass and the world will perish,
but the Ninth Symphony will remain.”

– Mikhail Bakunin

2. Does 'my choir' work like 'my church'?

Gordon Cheng said...

1. No, I'm pointing to an advert that quotes Mikhail Bakunin, like you just did. ;-)

2. I don't know. Does your church sing 'Freude Schone Gotter Funken, Tochter Aus Elysium'?

Gordon Cheng said...

PS Fifi got Emily's message!