Thursday, 1 October 2009

Scripture in schools

The dispute over Scripture in schools continues in todays SMH. Hendry Wan got a good one in:

Cameron Sach, a teacher (Letters, September 30), says teachers are engaged in crusades to “instil” (read indoctrinate) ethical attitudes and behaviour in their students from 9am to 3pm, five days a week. If true, why is there a need to have another hour for a special ethics class? Thanks, Mr Sach, you have just made a brilliant argument for special religious education.

Hendry Wan, Matraville

And ths one was terrific as well:

Howard Packer says the education minister will require "the wisdom of Solomon" to sort out the dilemmas surrounding ethics programs and special religious education.

I agree, and I note that when that same King Solomon realised he needed help in ethics ("distinguishing between right and wrong", 1 Kings 3, 9), he sought his ethical wisdom not from the electorate, but from the Lord.

How apt. Apparently Solomon thought knowing the Lord rather than knowing an ethics syllabus was what enabled people to distinguish right and wrong.

Reverend Graeme Howells, Miranda

See more here.

I wrote another letter but it didn't get in. This is what I said:

Cameron Sach (Letters, Sep 30) spectacularly misses a point and shoots
an own goal in the process. I repeat, Scripture classes that I teach
involve almost no ethical instruction whatsoever. They are about
Jesus, his death and resurrection, and how to be rescued from your
sins. But if, as Cameron suggests, the teachers are crusading to
instil ethics 5 days a week, he merely reinforces how unnecessary an
extra hour of such instruction would be. What's left but to agree?

This is a significant battle for people in NSW. I am sure we will keep needing to fight this one, and as part of that we ought to be praying for our kids.

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