Thursday, 15 October 2009

Let's people smuggle

Buried in the last few paragraphs of Miranda Devine's opinion piece in today's SMH is a great idea from Fred Nile:

If Rudd really wanted to show compassion he would back the audacious plan of the Christian Democrat Fred Nile and go into the people smuggling business.

Hosting a meeting yesterday at NSW Parliament House for Christians from Egypt, Iran and Iraq, the upper house MP said he was worried about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, who were desperate to come here and make good migrants. In Iraq, says the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, there are only 400,000 Christians left, down from 1.4 million in 1987. Australia has a special responsibility for the Iraqi people, and from a self-interested viewpoint, Christians are likely to settle more easily into a Christian country than Muslims.

"It's a desperate situation," said Nile. "They're being told 'convert or die'."

Seeing how free and easy the Government has become with boat people, Nile has hatched a plan to bring a boat of 2000 Christian asylum seekers from Indonesia to Australia. He wants donations and he dares the Government to stop him.

So how about it?


Anonymous said...

I hate the idea that the Middle East is Muslim and that the West is Christian. I'd rather we send boatloads of Christians to the Middle East and take boatloads of Muslims here!
I'm reading William Dalrymple's 'From the Holy Mountain ( at the moment. It tells the untold stories of Christians in the Middle East. It is a helpful reminder that the world does not easily divide into Christian/Muslim.

John Smuts said...

I wanted to post a comment but thatgreatcity got there first.

Why wouldn't we want Muslims to come to Australia? Let's smuggle them in - so that they can hear about Jesus.

My Uncle and Aunt (in retirement!?) have seen a really fruitful ministry with overseas students in Reading, UK. In particular several members of the Chinese Communist Party have come to Christ. The Chinese goverment has sponsored evangelism (!?) - they have paid people to go and do a PhD in England where they can hear the gospel!