Monday, 4 October 2010

Back and check the sidebar

Back from a lovely week with family in Tathra on the NSW South Coast. I am now catching up on my blog reading.

If you read this blog via an rss feed or on facebook, Click through to my blog, look at the sidebar and check out a few of the many things I'm reading online. It's a bit like reading over my shoulder, only polite!


David McKay said...

Enjoy checking your sidebar, Gordon.
The story about Jim Packer and his typewriter remidns me of the story of how Schumann became a composer through injuring his 4th fingers [through his own silly actions] and being unable to pursue a life as a concert pianist.

John Smuts said...

Tathra has got to be the best spot in the whole of Oz!

(Although I'm not very well qualified to compare it with most of the rest of Australia... I still think that nothing beats drinking a flat white at the beach cafe while looking at the wind to decide whether you're heading for Kianinny bay, Nelson bay, or main beach... okay, okay, so Jesus beats it, but that just proves how great and glorious he is.)