Friday, 23 April 2010


Quoting the friend of a friend: "With so many gorgeous women about, you'd have to be nuts to be a homosexual."

I don't think it was meant to be anti-gay so much as pro-women.


Nathan said...

Though perhaps slightly insensitive to Christians struggling with this issue?

Gordon Cheng said...

Maybe a tone of voice thing.

Alexb said...

I think your friend's comment illustrates an important point, that homosexuality is a condition not a choice. He cannot understand why people would choose to be homosexual. As it happens, nor can I. It simply does not make sense. It is much more difficult to find a partner, due to the vastly smaller number of potentials; and if one does succeed in this endeavour, one has to keep it secret from family and friends until their reactions can be judged or contained. Then there is the legal discrimination against homosexual marriage.

Yes, you'd have to be nuts to be a homosexual, if one really has a choice in the matter at all.