Friday, 13 November 2009

Pencil and paper

You need it as you're leaving the house, because if you're dying and you want to scribble a note to your loved ones, this is the only thing you would have to do it with.

PS and UPDATE: Not that I'm planning anything, I'm just saying.


Sophie said...

Come on, Gordon, use your immagination. If Dan Brown has taught us anything, it's that people who are murdered have more than enough time to scoop up the blood gushing from their bodies and scrawl any/all relevent information/goodbyes on a conveniently placed picture frame.

Never mind that I have trouble enough with legibility when I'm messing around with an inkwell.

And not that pencil & paper aren't useful for other things, of course.

Anonymous said...

my only memory of succession law is the dying farmer who tried to scrawl a will in the muddy wheel arch of the tractor that had rolled onto him

the case involved what weight you could give to a statement that wasn't properly witnessed

pencil & paper would be safer

Gordon Cheng said...

Mud...blood...both brilliant ideas, folks. I might leave the pencil at home next time. But what if it's just for a shopping list?