Thursday, 26 November 2009


Would you report Watergate like this?:

Security problems persist at a building complex in Foggy Bottom, Washington DC, following a burglary that reportedly caused the resignation of a leading political figure last night.

Watergate senior janitor Herb D Kowalski is calling for a thorough review of window latches, which he says are still “way too loose” two years after the burglary.

“I hear tell that politicians have gotten involved and that old Tricky Dick got fired,” he said.

“But that’s hardly the main issue, which is that those window latches are a disgrace. I said so when they put ‘em in, but did anyone listen?”

But that's how leaked e-mails about some scientific dirty tricks, used to prop up the idea of climate change 'consensus', are being talked about in some quarters.

(Thanks blog reader Em!)

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Alexb said...

You never actually make any direct comment regarding the science of climate change, but you portray (not just in this post) climate change scientists as unscrupulously misleading the public. If you think there is something wrong with the science, by all means, point it out. Picking out isolated news stories about supposed "suppression of dissent" or what not simply gives readers the wrong impression. You are committing confirmation bias, the relevant question is: what does the data say about global warming and its cause(s)?

The answer is complicated. I know it is easy for a layman to simply pick a side based on political/religious beliefs, but that would be a mistake.