Thursday, 4 June 2009

The swine has no clothes

Took Ruby to see Dr Big Trev yesterday. He hasn't seen any patients with swine flu. Well he wouldn't, would he, seeing as how this is NSW.

But it's pretty clear that this is not a major pandemic of the sort that kills people. In fact, it's been pretty clear for quite a while now, when you look at the figures for Mexico where it all started.

This is good, but has involved incredible amounts of expense in the process. Imagine if that effort had gone into helping fight some of the third world diseases that actually kill people.


Anonymous said...

and we all know Victorians are Mexicans...

David McKay said...

Read my first batch of swine flu humour today.

I like the one about the swine flu hotline: you ring the number, but all you get is crackling.

And the one about swine flu scary emails. About cans of tinned pork. Just ignore 'em; they're SPAM

One bloke was sure he had swine flu because he had a fever and rashers.