Saturday, 6 June 2009

Farewelling the cat

We've owned Grover, the daughter of Rover since 1991. She moved with us from Brunswick to Carlton, back to Brunswick, and then in 1999 made the big trip north to Sydney.

This morning we came out and our cat, who was once medium sized and quick witted but in the last few years has become as skinny as a skinny thing, and arthritic. This morning she was breathing heavily and had suddenly lost the use of her back legs.

The girls and I gathered to say goodbye on the veranda and Fiona has just driven off to the vet with her.

Goodbye Grover.


Lucy C said...

Goodbye Grover.

James R said...

Gordo, that's really sad to hear. Grover was a nice cat, always a pleasure to mind and never any trouble :-)
He will be sadly missed.

Gordon Cheng said...

Thank you Lucy and James. James, despite the name Grover was a 'she'! Thank you for the times you looked after her.